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wow water strider bug

wow water strider bug

Wow water strider bug
The Water Strider is losing it’s passive water walking ability so that it can use Mount Equipment. (Many players would prefer if their Water Strider was left untouched instead)

Brave soul.
I commend you for stepping into this thread on the Monday evening preceding the drop of 8.2 on the PTR. However, this price you speak of not knowing offhand is what will be a determining factor in many players decisions. Personally, I’ve stuck by/accepted/dealt with the changes made over the years to keep the gameplay from just becoming a static habit. But having spent my money and time acquiring the rep required to gain the reward, only to have it removed and then require it to be re-purchased…no. That’s the line. I’m sorry to sound like I’m giving an ultimatum because it’s not. It’s a decision made based on honor, or the lack thereof.

Wow water strider bug
No such restrictions were proposed for Battle for Azeroth, thankfully. It’s a good thing, too — I think it’s the one mount I’ve seen everywhere! And it’s not hard to see why. We’re questing around islands and, particularly on the horde side, there tends to be a lot of water to traverse.
I also want to point out you can obtain both the Sea Turtle and the Riding Turtle from Cavedwellers that spawn while fishing in the garrison — but your fishing shack must be level 3. Additionally these Cavedwellers can drop a variety of items, including the strangest hats you might have seen — hats which need to be transmoggable. There are toys and pets to obtain with gold or Nat’s Coins as well.

Wow water strider bug
These new Mount Equipment pieces can be applied to your mounts within the mount collection tab; they apply to most of your mounts*, and are available for anyone to use regardless of which professions they have (though note that they don’t work in Battlegrounds or Arenas). Take a look at the options you’ll have available!
Every hero has their favorite mount—whether it’s Baron Rivendare’s steed, Kael’thas Sunstrider’s beloved pet Al’ar, or the very first pony you purchased back when you earned Apprentice Riding skill. The Mount Equipment you earn, craft, and purchase in Rise of Azshara will make it so your choice of mount can be steered by your heart—not what’s most efficient.

Wow water strider bug
Normally bugs are for bait, but how could you look into its eyes and even think that? -Nat Pagle
This vivid red version of the Azure Water Strider mount may be obtained in Warlords of Draenor. It is available from Nat Pagle, in your garrison, but he’ll only sell it to you if you’re one of his Best Friends. The entire process is rather long and complicated!

  • To access Nat Pagle you must build a Fishing Shack in your Garrison and advance it to level 3.
  • To advance your friendship with Nat, you can perform quests for him, from both Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria. See this Wowhead page for more information.
  • To obtain 100 of Nat’s Lucky Coins you have to fish up “lunkers”, which are rare variants on regular Draenor zone fish, and turn them in to Nat. The coins are also found as uncommon loot from Cavedweller murlocs in your Garrison’s fishing pond in Draenor. The murlocs can be summoned with Lunarfall Carp (Alliance) or Frostdeep Minnows (Horde), which can occasionally be caught from the same pond once you advance your Fishing Shack to level 3. This latter method is probably slower, but there’s also a rare chance the murlocs will drop a Sea Turtle or Riding Turtle mount.

Wow water strider bug
Look in any creek on a warm sunny day, and you’re likely to see little spider-like creatures scooting on top of the water. These are water striders — not spiders — and they are remarkable little beasts.
Look in any creek on a warm sunny day, and you’re likely to see little spider-like creatures scooting on top of the water. These are water striders. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer