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worlds.largest crocodile

worlds.largest crocodile

Worlds.largest crocodile
From what experts can tell – size aside – the distant relation of today’s crocodilians most likely looked very similar to saltwater crocs (though the end of its snout may have been a bit more bulbous). The very fact that crocs have survived so many millions of years with so few adaptations is testament to their ultra-efficient design. To put its evolution in simple terms: why try and fix something that ain’t broke?
Sarcosuchus lived 112 million years ago in the Mid-Cretaceous, making it a contemporary of more familiar record-breaking reptilians, such as Spinosaurus (the largest carnivorous dinosaur – yes, this meat-eating dino was even longer than T. rex), the Microraptor (the smallest dinosaur) and Sauroposeidon (the tallest dinosaur).

Worlds.largest crocodile
Lolong, who was estimated to be 50 years old at the time, was a major-crimes suspect in two disappearances: a young girl’s death in early March 2009, and later the disappearance of a fisherman close to Bunawan Village. In an examination of the stomach contents after Lolong’s capture, scientists found remnants of water buffaloes reported missing before Lolong’s capture, but no human remains. [Images: Alligators vs. Crocodiles]
Get ready for some nightmares. The world’s largest crocodile is a monster of a reptile.

What’s more, Britton noted, the 2,370-pound (1,075-kilogram) Lolong may have a sizable impact on crocodile conservation in the Philippines.
The previous captive record-holder was a 17.97-foot-long (5.48-meter-long) Australian-caught saltwater crocodile.

Worlds.largest crocodile
Lolong, who measured 6.17 metres, died on Sunday night from a mystery illness inside his small enclosure in Bunawan, a backwater town in the country’s remote south.
But it also put the spotlight on the plight of crocodiles in the remote marshes and rivers of the Philippines, as human habitation increasingly puts them in conflict with the animals.

Worlds.largest crocodile
He was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest captive crocodile in the world. It measured 20.24 feet and weighed 1075 tons, breaking Cassius’ record. It was a saltwater crocodile that lived in the city of Bunawan, Philippines.
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