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what kind of fish is dory

what kind of fish is dory

What kind of fish is dory
Yes, they’re nothing like the movies. They need their swimming space, and they will attack nearby fish, especially if they are the same species.
These two movies changed the way we think about fishes. Kids were asking their parents to get them Nemo and Dory fish.

“I wouldn’t keep two (blue tangs) together,” says Gordon.
Instead of grasping the film’s true meaning, the demand for orange clownfish as pets increased, and as a result, it threatened the species’ population.

Royal blue tangs have an important role to play in our oceans. They are part of a family of fish called surgeonfish, which are known to feed on the algae that grows on coral reefs.
No one has specifically studied the memory of the royal blue tang. But given that several fish species have good memory skills, we should expect that Dory and all her relatives will be just as good.

What kind of fish is dory
Dory is a Paracanthurus hepatus, or Pacific blue tang fish, that is sometimes referred to as a royal blue tang or hippo tang. The name is slightly misleading, since the blue tang isn’t always blue. At night, without light to reflect off its pigmentation, it can appear white with violet touches. When it’s young, it’s mostly yellow. Blue tangs typically feast on algae, keeping coral reefs from becoming overrun with them.
When Disney released their live-action adaptation of 101 Dalmatians in 1996, the charm of the dogs onscreen had a significant impact on sales of the breed. So much so, in fact, that animal activists voiced their concern that people were buying Dalmatians without understanding their unique temperament, leading to scores of Dalmatians ending up in shelters.

What kind of fish is dory
They are usually captured with cyanide. Yes, you’ve heard that well, with poison which also endangers the whole marine environment, from the water itself to the coral reefs, fish and so on. As in the “100 Dalmatians case”, when people were buying Dalmatians just because of the movie, the fish Dory became the center of attention for the movie fans who tried to put their hands on a real one. The problem is, the real Dory is an almost one foot long fish which can be even aggressive towards other fish and which is mostly laced with cyanide. So, just don’t do that!
There are awesome things about Dory, though – the real Dory. In the movie, we know that she has short term memory loss and that it runs in her family. This fact alone makes Dory really cute and adorable, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The real fish Dory has no problems of that sort. There are no sustainable studies to show that fish can experience short-term memory loss and the funny thing is that there are some which prove the exact opposite: fish can keep a memory for months. For example, carp can link a sound to a certain type of food and then keep it in its memory for up to 5 months. How about that, Dory?