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what is the whale story this week on the news

what is the whale story this week on the news

What is the whale story this week on the news
A collaboration between biologists and an astronomer sought to add evidence to the idea that whale migration is affected by solar weather.
Under the new policy, the company will no longer sell tickets to SeaWorld and other parks that bring in new generations of animals.

What is the whale story this week on the news
By Kimberly Hickok
Scientists recorded a blue whale’s heartbeat for the first time, and found that the world’s largest creatures can survive on just two beats per minute while diving for food.

What is the whale story this week on the news
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With this in mind we thought we would introduce you to some of the common Māori words you would hear around our booking office and out at sea when visiting Whale Watch Kaikōura.

EDISTO BEACH, S.C. (AP) — Biologists will perform necropsies on one whale that died and three that were euthanized after becoming stranded on a South Carolina beach.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The carcass of a giant blue whale that has been submerged off the Oregon coast for more than three years was hauled to the surface so it can be reassembled, studied and put.

By Virginia Morell Feb. 21, 2020 , 1:10 PM
To find out the real reason for the migrations, researchers led by Robert Pitman, a marine ecologist at Oregon State University’s Marine Mammals Institute, deployed 62 satellite tags on the four types of killer whales that inhabit Antarctic waters. After tracking the whales over eight southern summers, the scientists found that some journeyed as many as 9400 kilometers to the western South Atlantic Ocean, making the round trip in merely 42 days. But they didn’t do it to give birth: Photographs taken by the team revealed newborn killer whales in Antarctic waters. Strike one for the “feed-in-the cold, breed-in-the-warmth” hypothesis.



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