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The paranormal side of the theatre

Theatres are known to be places of merriment, excitement, and happiness. As a place for entertainment, it’s natural to see group of friends, families, couples, and even lone strangers smiling and talking about a great show.

But there’s another side to theatres.

After all the people have gone, what’s left is a dark and lonely place. Filled with the echo of energy and laughter, an abandoned theatre is the gloomiest and saddest place you’ll see. It’s no wonder it’s a common setting for the paranormal.


What is the paranormal?

According to Collins English Dictionary, the paranormal is an event when unnatural and unknown forces are involved. Often it is connected with ghosts or the souls of the departed who haven’t crossed to the other side.

The paranormal is often unexplained by science – but it doesn’t mean that science has no answers. If you ask them whether ghosts are real, they would answer no. Instead, they believe that the paranormal is in our mind.

For example, when sociologists Dennis and Michele Waskul interviewed people who apparently experienced ghostly encounters, they couldn’t get concrete proof that ghosts were real. Many of the people they interviewed actually wasn’t sure they encountered unnatural forces. Rather, they believe that something they experienced something uncanny – mysterious and eerie.

But are ghosts really real? What about the reports of hauntings that several people experience all at once?


Hauntings in theatres

Haunted theatres aren’t unusual. In fact, there are so many theatres and similar places in the world that are known as haunted – with sightings of ghostly figures, areas of cold spots, and countless unexplained phenomenon.

One theatre in particular had a long history and accounts of ghost sightings. A popular story goes that one seat in the theatre shouldn’t be sold during the first show of the night. If it does, odd happenings will happen through the night.

Some have sworn to have heard sounds that shouldn’t be a part of the show. Others would feel a chill, far different from the cold or heat of an air conditioning unit.

But others, who usually have higher senses and are known to have a “third eye” can often see figures of men and women, wearing clothes not of the present.

While their presence is usually friendly or at least they don’t mingle with present-day and alive humans, knowing that they are there is frightening. It may have even turned skeptics into believers.


Ghostly encounters

But some encounters are not as friendly as the others. Some, in fact, are quite sinister.

New employees of a theatre would be warned not to go alone in the men’s comfort room. If they do, they are likely to hear footsteps walking around the area. A door would bang and sometimes, the lights will come on or off on its own.

There was also a time when CCTV cameras would suddenly get awry – a strong indication of an unnatural force. Guards would then have to check the cameras, whether they like it or not, only to be blasted by such an energy force that makes you feel so heavy. There’s also the feeling that someone is watching every step you take.

Unable to take it any longer with the hauntings and employees resigning in no time, the owners hired paranormal investigators to see what the deal really was.

Armed with their own tools and equipment, they checked the place’s EMF or electromagnetic field, recorded their own voices and the surroundings to check whether someone – or something – would answer.

The EMF readings were indeed over the line of what’s normal. Although they didn’t record any kind of conversation happening between them and the ghosts, they did record what sounded like footsteps.


From old to new

According to the investigators, they believe that the spirits were still bound to the place. While they are unsure as to how to effectively chase the ghosts out, they suggested renovating the place and make it look and feel more modern and comfortable.

Renovations happened. During the remodeling, many workers would experience uncanny things like their tools missing or finding them somewhere they knew they didn’t place. There’s also the constant feeling of being watched.

Still, the renovations continued. When it was done, it was also blessed to further help chase away the negative energies.

From then on, the sightings and experiences were getting less and less frequent. While some employees still believe and still report cases of ghostly sightings, there has been less evidence of the other side mingling with ours.

Now, it could be two things.

First, it could be true that the spirits were bound to the place – the feel of the old furniture; the look of the old walls.

Or it could also be that ghosts aren’t real. It could be our minds playing tricks on us. When something happens, we instantly connect it to the paranormal even when it shouldn’t be.

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