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teaching in sweden

teaching in sweden

If you are a qualified teacher, a study advisor or a vocational guidance officer, we are the natural choice. There are many advantages to joining LR. Find out more on our website:www.lr.se/blimedlem or call us on +46 8 613 27 00.
When you are working in lonely job like this you sometimes need other people’s perspective. Maybe something just doesn’t feel right. Or perhaps you want to straighten out a persistent problem. One of the most important jobs for us at the National Union of Teachers in Sweden (Lärarnas Riksförbund – LR) is to support teachers with our collected experience and knowledge of schools and the teaching profession. We have a presence across the country, in every school.

Teaching in sweden
Sweden regularly comes near the top of various surveys related to prosperity, equality, health, education, and overall quality of life.
SOURCE: foursquare . com/v/stockholm/4ceeb57762ef6dcb9c64fa59

Teaching in sweden
The Early Years series uncovers the successful Swedish approach to education in Motala.
Created: Mar 15, 2010 | Updated: Feb 1, 2018

At a press briefing on June 11, Minister for Education Anna Ekström explained the Swedish decision to not close down the entire school system.
“The decision to return to regular teaching was taken on the basis of a recently published document from the Public Health Agency of Sweden where it was concluded that children and young people only account for a small proportion of the COVID-19 cases,” Anna Ekström said.

STINT internationalises Swedish
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By giving teachers who are passionate about teaching international experience STINT wants to contribute to developing higher education in Sweden. Teaching staff at Swedish HEIs can therefore spend an autumn semester at one of our partner universities in Asia or the USA, giving own courses or co-teaching with a fellow host.

Teaching in sweden
We invite you to ‘Reimagine the Future’ at our first virtual conference starting on 30 November 2020.
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KMH has a dream team of teachers with excellence in music. For many students, they are the main reason to applying to KMH. The teachers often are well-known performing musicians or active researchers. They guarantee an education close to the profession.

The teachers treat us as if we are already pros – that makes you strong!