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sounds of a whale underwater can you hear it on land

sounds of a whale underwater can you hear it on land

Sounds of a whale underwater can you hear it on land
Sound frequencies are measured in units called Hertz. The range of frequencies that whales use are from 30 Hertz (Hz) to about 8,000 Hz, (8 kHZ). Humans can only hear part of the whales’ songs. We aren’t able to hear the lowest of the whale frequencies. Humans hear low frequency sounds starting at about 100 Hz.
Whale Songs Similar to Other Animals
Researchers have noted that whale songs sound very similar to the songs of hoofed animals, such as. Elk (bugleing), cattle (mooing), and have more than a passing resemblance to some of the elephant noises. One of the leading researchers into humpback whale sounds, Katy Payne, also studies elephant sounds and has found similarities between these two species.

Sounds of a whale underwater can you hear it on land
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Observations and Results
Was the sound softer when it was created underwater and you listened above the water? Did it sound muffled when you had only your ear submerged? Was it fuller when you had your head submerged?

Why Do Whales Sing?: One of the interesting things about whales is that they sing. They don’t sing at the top of the water when they are exposed but only when they are 50 and 60 feet below the surface. The song of the whale is sung for many reasons that researchers cannot be sure of. They know one use of the song is to attract mates when it is mating season. They are trying to not only attract a would be mate but also warn any other males that they should stay away and they are not welcome. Although there is not a way to know this but some believe that the whales are singing as a ritual like many island tribes do.
Do All Whales Sing?: This is what is interesting because not all whales sing. Researchers have found that only males actually sing and it is only specific whale. The male whale that sings is usually a lone mammal that is on their own and not in a pod. They are also usually of a certain age. Researchers cannot determine if the whales learn this trait or are born with it as in their genetics. There are some groups that go out and record the sounds and songs of the whales to study, learn and enjoy. It has been found that they are very intricate and give the best concertos a run for their money.
How Do Whales Communicate Over Long Distances?: We know that whales sing but they have other ways to communicate too. They make other noises that they use to talk to each other and get what they need across. The whales make sounds like a clicking noise, low grunting, whistling, humming and even pulsing sounds.
If you are have an interest in one of the most amazing and majestic creatures found around the world you need to see a gargantuan humpback whale. They really are a sight to behold and while a video of one is great seeing it in person near you is so much better. Through your television screen you just cannot comprehend the massive and gentle nature of these creatures. This marine mammal is such an amazing find that people will spend days on tour looking around to spy even a small glimpse of one. Out on the wild the humpback whale is a social creature and will generally live in a group that is referred to as a pod. They are amazing and when you see them at the surface you may get to witness one of their many surface behaviors. You can see them blow which is when they surface to replenish their air supply. You might also see a tail slap which is really a great way to get the full spectrum of the size of this creature. There are many displays that you can and often will see when the whale is at the surface of the ocean. What you don’t always get to witness are the behaviors that are done under the depths of the water. It may interest you to know that whales make many noises that help them to communicate but one important one is they sing. And these songs can be heard above water!

There’s a reason people compare garbled voicemails to listening to someone talk underwater—our ears just aren’t built for a watery world. But animals like whales and dolphins use sound all the time to hunt down dinner or to serenade a mate. Now, new research is highlighting just how marine mammals evolved to listen underwater.
So why can’t we hear underwater?

Sounds of a whale underwater can you hear it on land
The difference here, though, is that killer whales are one of the most intelligent animals on earth, with brains that are bigger than a human’s.
Both species were engaged in a fight for survival, expressed in their respective urgent calls. It moved me deeply to see the large bull sperm whales presenting their flanks to defend the young under attack and ultimately defeat the predators. Although of course, that meant the killers didn’t get to eat that day.



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