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How to hire a copywriter the RIGHT way (real advice from 6-figure copywriter Abbey Woodcock)


Step 2: Decide on the Skill Level You Need

Not every writing gig needs the top copywriter in his or her field. Once you’ve decided on the different areas you need copy for you can streamline the different types of writer to hire.

For a one-off project, consider looking for a freelance copywriter or contract writer. You can try venues like oDesk and Elance for simple writing gigs, say product bullets or some SEO work. If your one-time project is something that might come up again in a few months or might turn into a series of projects, you’ll want to find a writer that you can keep on retainer.

One of the perks for freelancers is being able to pick who you work with – especially if you’re good at your job. If you can entice a writer with the promise of fairly steady work over time, you’ll have a better chance of nabbing a great one.

If you have regular copy needs on an ongoing basis, you’ve got two options. The first is to hire someone full-time. This isn’t always the most affordable option, but the bonus is that a copywriter gets even better as they dive into a brand’s identity. It’s an investment, but if words are important to your business, it’ll be worth it.

If a full-time hire isn’t in the cards, you’ll want to keep someone on staff with a monthly stipend. Another win-win. The steady income each month is a great incentive and it’s ideal to have someone on call to help with copy projects as they pop up, especially one already familiar with your brand’s voice.

Step 3: Don’t Hire an SEO Pro

Hiring a solid copywriter with knowledge of SEO is better than hiring a self-professed SEO writer. You need someone that has SEO knowledge, yes, but that focuses on content and not on keywords.

The days of copywriters touting SEO expertise are over. In fact, they’re long dead. I’ll even go a step further and tell you not to worry about SEO at all when you hire a copywriter. If there are keywords that need to be included in certain product descriptions, then hand off a list of those keywords and tell your new writer to “keep them in mind”.

Hiring a solid copywriter with knowledge of SEO is better than hiring a self-professed SEO writer.

Nothing is an inspiration killer more than a long, strict set of words that a writer simply must adhere to. If you’re looking for awesome copy, don’t hog tie your writer with a long laundry list of SEO requirements. Apart from working in a single keyword phrase at some point, give them the creative freedom they need to produce incredible copy!

Step 1: Figure out if you even need a copywriter

The first is the Mr. Desperate-For-Conversions. Often this is someone who has just launched their first product to crickets. They did all the “right” things — created a sales page, sent emails, ran a webinar — and instead of getting the $5 million launch they were expecting, they got two sales.

Here’s a secret: copy can’t save a bad product or bad marketing. If you don’t have a good list or a marketing strategy, I could channel all the Eugene Schwartz and David Ogilvy I can muster and you won’t get any more sales.

This situation sets up both the copywriter and the business owner for a lot of frustration. A good copywriter will ask some key questions before you even start working together.

At a minimum, during your first call or two, the copywriter will want to know about your current copy and what you like/dislike about it; info about your business like voice, market, strengths, and programs; testimonials from current/former students; your goals for the project (why are you writing the copy, to whom, and with what result).

Many copy and conversion problems are actually product development problems in disguise. So before you look for a copywriter, evaluate your offer. (HINT: A tell-tale sign of a bad offer is buyer’s remorse. Do you have high refund rates? Are you inundated with customer service tickets AFTER the sale?) You can also glean a lot of insight from both buyer and non-buyer surveys — there are two great scripts here.

Most of the time, this person isn’t actually looking for a copywriter at all. What they really need is a content writer. They have a high volume of needs (daily emails, guest posts, blogs, etc.) of what’s called “top of the funnel” writing.

Direct response copywriters combine sales psychology, human behavior, and writing to make people take action. They write things like sales pages, landing pages, and ads. This writing has to convert.

A content writer is someone who writes things like blog posts, articles, and YouTube descriptions. This writing summarizes, engages, introduces, and educates. Often, these are the bulk of the business needs.

10 Places to Find Copywriters for Hire

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a copywriting service with expert copywriters in different industries. They offer different types of copywriting, including technical copy, blog posts, SEO copy, press releases, and more. The pricing ranges from .125 to .40 per word, depending on the copy type and the total words ordered. The more words you order, the lower the rate.

Writing Studio copywriters are thoroughly vetted and are experts in their respective fields. All copy is run through Writing Studio’s editorial team, ensuring it’s free of spelling and grammatical mistakes and reads well.

2. Brafton

Brafton has expert copywriters in most industries and has a track record of delivering. What makes Brafton stand out compared to other places to hire copywriters is that they completely manage the content creation process.

Brafton even has graphic designers to help deliver finalized forms of copy. For example, if you require a white paper, they’ll write it for you, and they can also put together a well-designed PDF for you. This added service is helpful as you don’t need to source multiple providers for a single project.

3. LinkedIn

To find copywriters, you can either reach out to your immediate connections or post a job on your company page. You can then promote this job post organically or with paid ads to increase impressions.

4. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance marketplace where you can directly search for freelance copywriters for hire. The most common way to use Upwork to find copywriters is to post a job with your specific requirements. Then, copywriters who fit the job description will apply, and you can hire the one(s) you want for the job.

There’s a wide variety of talent on Upwork, ranging from beginners to expert copywriters. You should find a copywriter that fits your requirements simply due to the large pool of talent on the platform.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr is a massive freelance marketplace and Upwork’s largest competitor. While you can find good talent here, it does have a reputation of being more on the cheap side.

There are many copywriters available for hire on Fiverr, so you’ll have no problem hiring quickly. You can have blog posts, landing pages, SEO copy, and even copy in different languages written here.

6. Indeed

7. Express Writers

Express Writers is a content writing agency that offers a variety of copywriting services. Express Writers can write ad copy, marketing copy, brand copy, conversion copy, infographic copy, email copy, and social media copy. They also offer all other standard forms of content, such as blog posts.

Express Writers provides a simple-to-use platform where you place an order online for a specific copy type, lengths, specifications, and other add-ons. Then you receive your copy ready to publish.

8. Scripted

Scripted is a freelance marketplace specifically for copywriters. Scripted connects businesses with freelance copywriters to help produce different types of copy such as blog posts, social media copy newsletters, and more.

Scripted is kind of like Upwork for writers. Unlike Upwork, you pay a monthly subscription fee to use Scripted’s platform. Then, you have unlimited access to their pool of freelance copywriters.

Scripted have copywriters in a variety of industries. You can filter them by their experience, ratings, and more, allowing you to find copywriters best suited for your copywriting needs.

9. WriterAccess

To hire copywriters at WriterAccess, you must first sign up. Then, their AI software will match you with copywriters ideal for your needs based on your budget, copy type, and deadline requirements. You can start with a free 30-day trial, and then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access their platform.

10. Copify

Copify is a platform where you can hire copywriters to write copy for your website. Similar to other copywriting agencies, they productize copy. You can order blog posts, articles, press releases, product descriptions, and more. Their team will then write the copy for you and deliver it once it’s finished.