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gymnasium school

gymnasium school

Gymnasium school
Origin of gymnasium
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Gymnasium A+ hospitably opens its doors, giving our students knowledge and skills for exploring the surrounding world and the harmonious personality development.
Opening of the Gymnasium A+ is an important event in lives of our students, their parents and our teaching team. We work to ensure an individual approach to each child, create comfortable surroundings, the atmosphere of trust and respect, motivate all our students and teachers to continuous self-development and reaching new heights.

Gymnasium school
Project by OFFECCT
Tibro, Sweden
Eckenberg Gymansium Adelsheim is a boarding school in Germany with alignment on Science or Music and Drama. The school officially opened already back in 1965 and has then further developed into a boarding school. The schools mission statement is to be the “School of Opportunities”.

The focus in the STX programme is on general education and general study preparation.
We offer 12 specialized study programmes.
Our media profile is reflected in our range of specialized study programmes.

Gymnasium school
Medpunkt (School Medical Office): +380 3548 22059
(Secondary School no. 4)

Gymnasium school
At the end of each school year, the students take exams on the following subjects:
Modern Greek
The lower secondary school in Cyprus is called Gymnasium (middle school). Students begin to attend Gymnasium after they finish elementary school, at the age of 12. The Gymnasium is a three year cycle of compulsory education. When students successfully complete three years, at the age of 15, they can move on to upper secondary education (High school), which is not mandatory. The curriculum is specialized and adapted to the spiritual development of children aged 12-15.

As weather permits, Physical Education and conditioning are currently held in the parking lot. Athletic teams are without a home court and are shuttled to various practice and game facilities. Facility rentals and transportation account for nearly two-thirds of the athletic budget, funds that should be used for sports programming and equipment. The lack of Physical Education space is not safe for our students nor does it allow us to have a robust sports program that meets the needs of all of our students.
Huge strides have been made with the afterschool programming of San Juan Diego Catholic High School thanks to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. Through the Texas Education Agency, SJDCHS is providing an array of enrichment activities to complement academics, including woodworking, cooking, drama, cheerleading, study skills, choir and guitar. New facilities will continue to enhance the afterschool offerings by providing a physical location for these programs.

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Gymnasium school
Chemistry lesson, Bonn, 1988
Gymnasium of Karlovci in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia