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goldfish doing tricks

goldfish doing tricks

Goldfish doing tricks
How many tricks can you teach your goldfish? It really depends on your persistence and determination. Albert Einstein is the goldfish who has entered the Guinness record book as having the largest repertoire of tricks, has learned more than ten different stunts. Another fish who is being trained to break the record has already learned nine. These fish are of course extreme examples. Be prepared to have your fish only learning a few simple tricks is more realistic.
Positive reinforcement can be accomplished using food as the reward. Goldfish have been trained to go through tubes, dunk basketballs, and many other unique tricks. This is not some wishful thinking, but actual studies done in high schools and universities have repetitively shown goldfish memory can hold onto these new actions, and repeatedly do them to receive their treat. Be sure to also prepare your fish tank to make sure your goldfish enjoy life.

Every goldfish-keeper should own these.
Goldfish are more interesting to watch if they have an engaging atmosphere to swim around. They will enjoy their habitat more and may even invent a few tricks of their own!

Hold the Hoop still as the fish eats. You not only do not want the fish to be started by the Hoop’s movement, you might be surprised that some fish will turn and go back through the hoop after they eat.
After you have had your fish go under the for a few days, you will probably only need to set the tube/shaft near the Limbo Pole for the fish to know what you want it to do.

Goldfish doing tricks
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I agree with everyone who commented to this blog so far, I thought this article was very intresting. I really didn’t know any kind of fish can do such a thing. Seriously I didn’t even think fish can be trained to do anything.I also didn’t know a fish’s memory span is 3 months! I thought it would maybe be a couple of weeks maybe a month. I would like to test this out if i had a chance to. I also did some research and I found that if you leave your goldfish in dark they will turn pale. The darker the room is the lighter the goldfish becomes , the lighter the room is the darker the goldfish becomes. I got this information from http://chemistry.about.com/od/chemistryfaqs/f/goldfish.htm. I also found a cool video on goldfish doing some diffrent tricks on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRcNqNvQZ9U.

Ideas for Different Goldfish Tricks
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