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go fish

go fish

Go fish
Go Fish Strategy

  • Try to memorize what cards the other players have and want.
  • If you pick up a card rank from the pool that you didn’t have, it can be good to guess that rank on your next turn.
  • Try to Go Fish more at the start of the game. This gets you more cards and a better chance of getting more books and matches later.

Alternative ways to play the game Go Fish
Go Fish is over when one player runs out of cards or there are no more cards in the pool. The winner is then determined by who has the most piles or suits of cards in front of them.

If the opponent has the card, they must give it to the player who earns a point for making a match. If the opponent does not have the card they say “Go Fish!”
The game is won one of three ways (depending on how you wish to play):

Go fish
Step 10: Game over
The game is over when all the books have been collected, or all the cards are divided up into their groups of four. The winner is the person who has “caught” the most books.
Step 3: Place draw pile
When everyone has his or her cards, the dealer places the rest of the deck face down in the middle of the circle where everyone can reach it. This is the draw pile.

Go Fish is a fun game that will amuse and entertain even the youngest card players. It is similar to the game Authors.
The dealer completes the cut and deals the cards clockwise one at a time, face down, beginning with the player to the left. If two or three people are playing, each player receives seven cards. If four or five people are playing, each receives five cards. The remainder of the pack is placed face down on the table to form the stock.

Go fish is a great kids activity and learning game about numbers, patterns and pairs. Enjoy this fun, easy card game with the whole family and watch as your children learn as they play.
With only two players, seven cards are dealt to each.