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channel 5 news croc on beach

channel 5 news croc on beach

Channel 5 news croc on beach
Chicago Police confirm there’s a large reptile living in the otherwise serene lagoon.
He said Chicago’s weather actually is perfect for reptiles to thrive right now.

“I’ve never seen that before. He lives in this corner here. Two of them do,” said Perez. “I’ve never seen him attack or threaten anybody. It’s just a whole lot of teeth, you know?”
SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A crocodile was caught on camera crawling out of a boat at Black Point Marina.

Channel 5 news croc on beach
“They’re just chill,” said Fast Eddy, “they’re just like gators.”
FWC’s website recommends people simply leave crocodiles alone if spotted, keep a distance from them, and watch small pets and children in areas where they’ve been spotted. Also, they recommend people avoid swimming in crocodile occupied waters during dusk and dawn when the animals are most active.

Channel 5 news croc on beach
Lehrman said she took a closer look and saw it was an alligator.
Lehrman ran to tell her grandma what she found.

Channel 5 news croc on beach
Pete Cordero caught the reptile sunbathing on docks and swimming next to manatees.
FWC officials said crocs are shy and reclusive.