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A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams is a play the presents the challenges that face women in a male dominated society. The challenges of life cause the characters to create fantasies of a better life than they are leading. It is evident that the author uses fantasy as a means of escapism that illustrate the extent of difficulties that the characters face especially in the case of Blanche.  I like the manner in which Blanche is able to transition from reality to fantasy applies to all people irrespective of their status. Though her problems have motivated her to daydream, it is easy to identify with her since every person dreams of something that is currently unattainable as a means of escaping reality (Williams 84). However, it is my view that the author created Blanche as a character who suffers the most in the play something which she does not deserve. The fact that she is presented as a woman, who is not valued by society as a result of the misfortunes in her life, makes the play to assume a tragedy-like narrative that only presents that suffering and pain of women in a patriarchal society.

The illustration of Blanche as a drunkard, immoral and poor illustrates the challenges that faced women in such societies (Williams 19). It is easy to empathize with her since most women suffer the same fate especially if they are dependent on men for support. The fact that she attempts to present herself as respectable women in order to win the affection of men is not appealing. I believe that she could have found a way to support herself without stooping to such levels of pretense in order to attract suitors (Schvey 59).

Meanwhile, do not like the manner in which Stanley is presented in the narrative. Though he knows Blanches predicament he still goes ahead to add to her pain and suffering by raping her (Williams 130). It is his goal to ensure that she suffers for the rest of her life yet he remains a freeman. The fact that at the end of the play, Stanley is presented as the ideal family man is not only a pervasion of justice, but it is in contravention of human ideals. The most cruel and evil person in the play is eventually presented as the ideal citizen while his victim, Blanche is cost away in an asylum for being poor, a woman and a widow.

The play presents a central theme of women’s dependence on men an aspect that progressively causes the women in the play a lot of suffering (Panda 51). The social stigma and expectations of morality make it difficult for a single woman to survive alone in world that is dominated by men. Both Stella and Blanche do not believe that they can be happy without men and continue to seek them for comfort only to get beaten and raped in the hands of the men who should be their protectors (Williams 130). The presentation of women suffering and their dependence on men is among the issues in the play that I found as unacceptable especially in liberal society where women have choice and free will to decide how their lives should be led. It is through their dependence on men that they become victimized and considered as mere tools to be used and discarded as the men pleased.

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